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Here you can join our Global Tester Network (GTN) and start making money remotely by participating in test audiences or sign-up as a Client to get access to groundbreaking neuroscientific analytics on your own content within hours.

This win-win marketplace is the first of its kind, giving top studios unrivaled access to neuroscientific insights captured from well-segmented test audiences at home.

All powered by the proprietary Neuos™ platform for brain decoding, content tests run through the GTN yield remarkable clarity on the emotional engagement and attentional appeal of content, while providing practical, actionable advice on how to optimize it for specific business objectives.

Join as a Tester

Put on a Neuos-compatible thinking cap or headband and get paid to watch new videos and play games made by top studios.

No special experience required. Just your brain, watching or playing.

Sound easy? It is. Sign up today.

Become a Client

Intuitive and fast, Neuos Eureka was designed to get you actionable insights with high business impact.

We're so confident you'll love what Eureka provides we're giving new clients 3 free tests, allowing you to get a sample of our deep dive analytics on up to 5 minutes of your own video or gaming content.

Any company that wants, no strings attached: sign-up and try out our analytic wares today.

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