About Us

We’re a San Francisco-based technology startup who is a recognized leader in the neurotechnology industry thanks to our breakthrough software platform, Neuos. Our patented software analyzes brain signals from consumer headwear – such as a hat or headband – and performs high-fidelity decoding of emotion, attention and memory without requiring laboratory conditions or technicians to get accurate results.

Primarily we are neuroscientists, computer software and data analytics people at our core, including world-class researchers and engineers who have been published by leading peer-reviewed journals, such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), The Journal of Neurosurgery, and Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.

Our company’s innovative technology is being integrated with personal entertainment and education systems, voice assistants, telemedicine networks, IoT devices, mobile apps and more for a range of distinct uses. With Neuos Eureka, we set out to create an easily-accessible online platform that creatives could use to get high-quality, unbiased feedback straight from the brains of real audiences. By applying our powerful neurotechnology to audience tests of entertainment and media content, we aim to unlock new levels of creativity worldwide and deliver an unparalleled experience to creators striving to make their best works.

To learn more about us please visit: https://arctop.com/about-us/.

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