The Neuos™ Eureka Platform

From Hollywood studios to brand leaders, Eureka makes neuroscientific content tests easy for everyone.

Monthly subscriptions provide access to the powerful online platform where audience tests are ordered and insights discovered.

Start today and get your first 30-days free.

  • Great for short-form video and audio clips
  • Made for YouTubers, Twitch streamers, podcasters and passionate hobbyists
  • General audience screening, 18+
  • First test for free (up to 1 minute of content)
  • Pay as you go: starting at $5 for a 30 second test


  • Perfect for advertisements, trailers, feature films and TV shows
  • Made for studios, brands, agencies and professional creators
  • Custom audience screening, All ages
  • First month subscription free
  • Pay as you go: starting at $375 for a 5 minute test


  • White-glove experience fit for Hollywood studios
  • Full integration of Neuos capabilities from development through production to distribution
  • Unlimited screenings
  • Custom study design with on-premises, private testing options
  • Access to top performer benchmarks by category

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Upload Content and Order Audience Tests 24/7
Download Classic Eureka Report with Insights and Highlights
Content Impact Score - General Audience
Interactive Web Dashboard to Explore Results and Generate Custom Data Stories
Audience Demographics18+ General audience*Any target audienceAny target audience
Turnaround TimeFast (3-5 days)*Rapid (1-2 days)Real-time (instantaneous)
Schedule Recurring Tests
Anti-Piracy Protections (Confidentiality Agreements, Watermarking)
Set Custom Objectives (Encourage Watching, Encourage Sharing, Encourage Buying, etc.)
Branded Data Visualizations
Audience Brain Measurement: Interest (second-by-second)
Audience Brain Measurement: Enjoyment (second-by-second)
Audience Brain Measurement: Memorable Moments
Pre-Production Consulting Layer
Post-Production Consulting Layer
Content Development Consulting Layer
'Golden Ratio' Custom Metrics Report
Scene Breakdown
Characters Study
Soundtrack Study
Text/Typography Study
Narration Study
Cinematography Study
Objects and Events Study
On-Premises Test Option
Performance Benchmarks By Category (Box Office, Purchase, Custom Predictors)
Content Distribution Consulting Layer
Test Duration Limit30 minutes max1 hour max*No limit
SupportEmailDedicated analystDedicated team

(*) Custom options available, please contact sales.

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