The Neuos™ Eureka Platform

Cutting-edge neuroscience powering the next era of creative content.

Use Eureka to test any video content — whether it's a music video, ad, TV show, vlog, movie or podcast — and discover how it performs across your audience.

Our platform is called ‘Eureka’ for a reason: it’s an ‘A-ha’ machine. Eureka helps you understand how your audience is responding to your material, in ways that were never before possible, thanks to the underlying Neuos engine.

The Neuos Eureka platform gives truer, brain-based insights to help develop your best content and reach your audience, whoever they may be.

Is your content interesting, enjoyable, and memorable? We designed Eureka from the ground up to give entertainment and media professionals access to industry-leading insights. Perform an A/B test or a screening more quickly than you could ever before and get back the critical insights you need to guide your decision making.

Flexible monthly plans and on-demand options now enable all creators—from YouTubers to movie studios—access to our field-leading, research-grade insights from at-home audiences.

The power to know your audience is in your hands. Learn more about what Eureka can do for you and your content:

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