Eureka Lite

  • Easy, fast, insightful
  • For makers of music videos, ads, TV, vlogs, movies and podcasts
  • General audience screenings, U.S., M/F, 18+
  • Get enjoyment, interest, and memorableness scores, plus patented callouts
  • Subscription comes with 1 minute test credit monthly
  • Pay as you go starting at $5 for 30 seconds of content
  • First test for free (up to 1 minute of content)

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Test like the pros with Eureka Lite, a fully automated solution.
    See how your content performs in 3 key areas: Enjoyment, Interest, and Memorableness.
    Compare audience responses to drafts of your own content and top performers in your category.
    Learn how to create better everyday and go viral in the good way.
Try Eureka Lite for free, no strings attached.
Upload any video clip you’d like tested and get the results emailed to you. It’s as simple as that.

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