Eureka Pro and Premier

  • Perfect for advertisements, trailers, feature films and TV shows
  • Made for studios, brands, agencies and professional creators
  • Custom audience screening, All ages
  • First month subscription free

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  • White-glove experience fit for Hollywood studios
  • Full integration of Neuos capabilities from development through production to distribution
  • Unlimited screenings
  • Custom study design with on-premises, private testing options
  • Access to top performer benchmarks by category

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Elite capabilities for audience tests and competitive benchmarks built for enterprises:
    Core neuroscientific insights annotated and delivered by experts.
    Compare Enjoyment, Interest, and Memorability second-by-second.
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Upload Content and Order Audience Tests 24/7
Download Classic Eureka Report with Insights and Highlights
Content Impact Score - General Audience
Interactive Web Dashboard to Explore Results and Generate Custom Data Stories
Audience Demographics18+ General audience*Any target audienceAny target audience
Turnaround TimeFast (3-5 days)*Rapid (1-2 days)Real-time (instantaneous)
Schedule Recurring Tests
Anti-Piracy Protections (Confidentiality Agreements, Watermarking)
Set Custom Objectives (Encourage Watching, Encourage Sharing, Encourage Buying, etc.)
Branded Data Visualizations
Audience Brain Measurement: Interest (second-by-second)
Audience Brain Measurement: Enjoyment (second-by-second)
Audience Brain Measurement: Memorable Moments
Pre-Production Consulting Layer
Post-Production Consulting Layer
Content Development Consulting Layer
'Golden Ratio' Custom Metrics Report
Scene Breakdown
Characters Study
Soundtrack Study
Text/Typography Study
Narration Study
Cinematography Study
Objects and Events Study
On-Premises Test Option
Performance Benchmarks By Category (Box Office, Purchase, Custom Predictors)
Content Distribution Consulting Layer
Test Duration Limit30 minutes max1 hour max*No limit
SupportEmailDedicated analystDedicated team

(*) Custom options available, please contact sales

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